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Class Descriptions


Banana Squash
Hubbard Squash
Roast Carrots with Tahini sauce
Lentil Quinoa Tabouleh

Knishes are Delicious

Learn how to make stretch dough and roll a knish the time honoured (and actually super cool) way. Daunting at first, once you've made your first recipe, this may become your signature go to. Great for snacking, freezing and reheating in a pinch and taking to a friend who needs a pick-me-up. Ideal!

The Zen of Babka

This reinvented classic is a medium for your favourite flavours. Cinnamon, Cardamom, Chocolate, Citrus, Halva--Let's GO FOR IT.  We can even go rogue and cross over into savoury territory.  

Stuffed: Hand-held filling foods

What do spanikopita, knishes, samosas, burekas, and burritos have in common? They're stuffed.  Chocked full of delicious, filling, potentially nutritious goodness.  Yummy hot or not, good for picnic, pack it for lunch, no mess if you're careful. Let's make a flakey dough and you can use it as your jumping off point for the wonderful world of stuffed stuff.  

Salad Magic: Meals masquerading as salads

Salad rut got you down? Find new combinations of vegetables you didn't even know you could eat raw and combine them with protein ideas that will fill up even a teenaged boy. I'll share ingredients lists, ways to cut your vegetables for maximum appeal and some sensational dressing recipes that will rock your salad world.

Family Cooking Class

Do you want your child to be safe, thoughtful, creative and efficient in the kitchen?   This class will teach skills to kids and parents so meal prep can be a family activity and a life skill.  Geared for people 10 and older, plug into this series wherever your family fits: from beginner cooks to experienced foodies.

Love in a Bowl

It's no secret in my family that I love soup.  I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Let me share some tips to get you on your way to making filling, nutrient packed vegetarian soups you'll be able to whip up from things in your pantry and freezer. It may turn you into a soup freak like me. 


Everywhere you look at this time of year, you see all sorts of colourful, crazy squashes.  Wouldn't you like to create some delicious dishes with these seasonal wonders? I'll give you recipes and ideas of how to create your own squashalicous dishes.

Yogurt. Heat-Set-Eat-Repeat.

If someone in your house loves yogurt, this will change your life.  Save money, reduce waste, customize your yogurt and experiment.  Seriously, this is an amazing class.  You'll love it!

Dairy Free Baking

Gain some insight into how to make your baking delicious and dairy free.  I'll throw in some ways to make things vegan too and you'll get my thoughts on gluten-free baking and desserts too.  The whole class might surprise you.  

Teen Vegan?  No Problem.

Active, growing teens are tough to keep fed without removing animal protein.  This class is for teens and parents. Find out how to be vegan and healthy; eco/animal friendly and feel full. 

Quiche and Pie: Savoury and Sweet Pastry Made Easy

Pastry seems daunting but need not be.  Find out how to make dairy or vegan pastry quickly and use it for sweet treats or a satisfying meal (that's great for leftovers).

Knife Skills: Improve Your Safety, Speed and Satisfaction

Plant-forward foods require lots of cutting. Learn some simple tips to save time and your fingers.  You'll be thrilled with your increased efficiency. I'll show you how to use a sharpening steel too.

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