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Thank you so much for the informative and clear cooking class.  I learned so much!  I learned how to cut and to stir and to roast and to saute and to steam.  You are a gem.

-Gail W

We love your sense of humour and we learn so much from your classes. Thank you.

-Joyce R

You always have tips that improve my experience in the kitchen.  I'll keep taking your classes as often as I can!

-Lisa R

I know I can get the answers to my cooking and baking questions from you.  Thanks so much Michelle!

-Diane F

Why Am I Teaching Cooking Classes?


My maternal grandmother, my Baba, loved to cook and bake. She clipped new recipes out of Chatelaine magazine to try even when when she was over 90 years old. Her specialty was cinnamon buns but she taught me many recipes with lots of love.  

The name, ess, is also a nod to my heritage and my Baba.  The word means EAT in Yiddish (said in a slightly pushy way, repeated a few times until you take a bite).  I want people to enjoy the thrill of cooking delicious food for themselves and those they care about.  I'm here to help you reach in and pull out your hidden Kitchen Maven.

What Makes Me Different:

Before, "Plant-based eating" or Environmental Vegetarianism existed, I chose to take meat off my plate. My entire cooking consciousness has been shaped searching for ways to make delicious food without meat.  That said, I did give birth to a son who believes the food groups should be beef, chicken, lamb and hot dogs.  "Plant-forward" is my focus and I make meals most days that even satisfy my carnivorous son.

Also, I bring a myself to the table--Jewish  humour and food culture. It's fun.

My Values:

I am passionate about teaching, cooking and baking. Spreading kitchen confidence so people can nourish themselves and their loved ones with healthy, achievable recipes is my dream.  Saving the planet would be a bonus.

Professional Skills:

I have a Bachelors of Education and teaching for over 35 years has given me many gifts.  I love to see the light go on in my students’ eyes when they make a connection between the material I’m teaching and their lives.  As my cooking and entertaining style developed in my 20’s and 30’s, I realized that food education is the perfect vehicle to share my skills. I trained at the Northwest Culinary Academy both in Pastry/Bread and Culinary Arts.  Taking my passion for food to a professional level has been a fantastic experience.

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